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About AD&D Claims

About AD&D Claims

Richard worked as an investment banker. While returning from a business meeting, he was killed in a car crash. The driver of the other vehicle crossed double yellow lines on the road and collided with Richard’s car head on. This was obviously a devastating event for the family. His wife Joann was worried about how she would continue supporting her 3 young children. There was some comfort in knowing that Richard had taken an accidental death insurance policy. However, even though Joann filed all the needed paperwork, the insurer denied her claim because Richard had a BAC that was above the legal limit. They concluded that it was no accident, since it could be reasonably expected that impaired driving would lead to death.

With the help of an attorney, Joann appealed the insurance company’s decision and was able to get a reversal. Even though she still suffers from her loss, she at least has one less thing to worry about as far as finances are concerned.

Insurance companies often fail to pay AD&D claims in a timely fashion. They hold on to the money to maximize their profits and can even deny a claim by stating that a loss wasn’t covered. If your AD&D claim was denied, there is a limited period of time to file an appeal, so you should consult an attorney rapidly.


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