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Disputing Denials of Accidental Death Claims - ErisaClassActionWatch
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Disputing Denials of Accidental Death Claims

Disputing Denials of Accidental Death Claims

Richard, a successful investment banker and a loving father and husband, was killed in a car accident on his way home from work one evening. His devastated wife was left with the daunting task of managing her household as a new widow. Concerned about the wellbeing of her children with only her income to now support them, Joanne quickly filed paperwork for the accidental death insurance Richard had purchased for them. Though Richard’s accident was caused by the other driver, his insurance company denied the claim, stating that Richard’s blood alcohol levels were above normal, and claiming they couldn’t describe Richard’s situation as an accident.

Joanne quickly hired a lawyer and appealed. This situation is all to common. Insurance companies frequently dispute accidental death claims and cause families who should be grieving the loss of their loved ones to have to haggle with them in court. Clients in these situations must be made aware of their rights. They have the right to dispute a denial by an insurance company and generally, when taken to court, they are forced to provide justice to the family. The goal of a lawyer in this case is to provide protection for these families in the event this unfortunate situation arises.

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