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Facts You Need to Learn About AD & D

Facts You Need to Learn About AD & D

The case of Richard, a successful banker is highlighted to lay bare facts about the reasons the family could not get compensation. While traveling home from work, Richard was involved in a car accident that involved a head on collision. According to verified facts, Richard was driving on his lane when the other driver drove past the yellow line and hit him. This made his family devastated as he was the one to take care of them and provide for that matter. His wife got stranded on how they would raise their three children without Richard.

On noting that Richard had bought an insurance package that involved a cover for accident and death, Joan, his wife proceeded to the insurance company to make claims. Surprisingly, the company could not consider his request, basing their facts on a test that revealed that Richard’s blood alcohol level exceeded the legal limit. They claimed that Richard did not die because of an accident, but due to the fact that he did not follow the requirements of the law when it comes to alcohol and driving. Their argument was that it was obviously foreseeable that driving while under the influence of alcohol could lead to accidents and possibly death.


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