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As a company you need to set up a pension plan that works for the workers who earned the right to collect a check after years of loyal service.The good news is that any company can get one set up an the better news is that the Feds have a set of rules when setting it up known as ERISA or The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.The job of this bad boy is to make sure that you the boss can screw around with the plan like stealing money out of it for the weekend get away.

The rules behind this act is more then keeping the pension safe from greed but it is also there to protect the boss from being force to pay when he does not need to.To do this the pension claim must be proved with legit medical records that show the person has a real reason to make his or her claim.Every worker has the right but when there is no real reason then the answer known as no must be given.After all that has been said hope that this has cleared some things up for you my fellow working man.

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