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The Increase In Insurance Premiums

The Increase In Insurance Premiums

Insurance costs are on the rise because too many people are filing a claim with their carrier instead of the other parties insurance. Did you know that when you file a claim, your premiums are raised? You should find out if the other person is liable and go after their company, It is recommended that you have a police report and exchange insurance information. In fact, each year insurance premiums go up because of bogus insurance claims. You should never attempt to defraud the insurance company by filing a false claim. This could led to a fine, imprisonment, or both.

An insurance claim should be filed because you need the costs of recovery and/or vehicle repairs. Make sure you consult with your attorney to find out, if you should file a claim against the opposing company. The police report will help identify who was at fault. It is a legal record for your attorney and the insurance company. There may be a few more stipulations to your insurance policy and you should always go to your provider with your questions. This is true, for house, boat, accident, and personal injury claims. Don’t risk an increase with your insurance premiums.

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