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In any court of law there are requirements that have to be met by all the parties who take part in the case. Depending on what the case will be about, the evidence will vary. But the main requirement in any case on the side of the prosecutor is that enough evidence has to be collected before the case can commence and later any rational ruling made. The accuser must also show the willingness to face the accused in a court of law as other people may opt to solve their case through mediation or arbitration which is also legally accepted ways of settling disputes.
Once the prosecutor has collected enough evidence he or she can then inform the court of the intent of the offended to have the offender prosecuted in a case of law. The court then gives a date on when the case will be heard depending on the schedule of the court. The judge listens to both parties during the case as the offender gets to give all the required evidence in the case. The accused can also bring along his or her lawyer who can help them in arguing out the since they are legally accepted people to help in such cases.

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