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Long Term Disability Provisions

Long Term Disability Provisions

Long term disability insurance benefits are very important. This is because a disability can put you behind on bills since you cannot work. With the money that comes with long term disability your family is able to buy the things they need to survive.

Disability attorneys can help protect your rights and explain the provisions of this insurance.One provision your attorney will explain to you is the payment trigger date. This is the waiting period until your payments begin.

Extent of disability is another term they will go over with you. This is how bad your injuries are.You can receive partial disability benefits if you are not fully disabled.

Presumptive disability is another provision your attorney will go over with you. This especially pertains to people that have lost any of their senses or limbs. You can collect partial disability benefits if you can still do your job but need some help.

Another thing your attorney will talk about is how long you will have your benefits. Some policies will give you a time limit on what they will pay. This is often a couple years to five years. It’s important to know all the provisions associated with these benefits.

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