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Not all jobs are under the arm of the union but even still when you work you have a safety net keeping you from falling into a pit of despair brought on by the heartless boss that we all know who once ruled the work force.The name of this fail safe is ERISA or known as The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.Since this act was put into use the non union work places are not allowed to treat their workers second class when a legit case of workmen s welfare or pension is in the works.

The first steps of this process will have you signing up and from there you will show evidence that your boss took away your rights to a fair workplace.When it comes time to take your case to court you will need a lawyer who knows what is going on to make this case work.Keep in mind this will only work when you are truly being undermined by the work place but when you are this guy is going to keep you right with your right to receive well earned benefits.So with all said good luck my fellow working man/women.


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