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Staying Right

Staying Right

Right Mind
When it comes time for a trial you have to be on your toes with the acts on hand around the clock so there are no mistakes.This is true for elder abuse cases that happen often all around the world.So today we are going to take some time to learn about what could happen when you have a senior being abused with a senior in the jury looking to fry the guy that did it without hearing the facts.

It is the job of the jury to listen and decide with the right mind set but in some cases this does not happen.That is why the system must screen these guys from the jury to prevent a one sided find compare to a legal hear all the facts.The main reason behind this trouble maker can simply be fear because the victim is old and the juror is old so there you have a sense of fear that the juror will have the same fate.The final reason will be for money not care.A jury can find a client guilty due to the fact that the family spend money on service that was far from complete by the staff.

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