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Taking Steps to Hire Your DUI Lawyer

Taking Steps to Hire Your DUI Lawyer

If you have not already taken the appropriate steps to hire a local professional DUI lawyer, now is the time to listen carefully as to what could happen if you don’t. Forget about thinking you will march into that court and plead guilty, and then the judge will feel like because you did the right thing he will go a little easy on you.

The judge in most cases will come down hard on you because the courts are full of these cases, and they will make an example of you if you are not smart enough to seek counsel to help.

Your local professional DUI lawyer is the key to you getting the appropriate penalty, after all aspects of the case have been carefully analyzed.

Gathering All the Evidence in Your Case
While you might think there isn’t any evidence that could help you get a lesser sentence, your local professional DUI lawyer does see things from a completely different perspective. This means the way they look at your case is from the point that all they have to do is to simply find one aspect of your case that was not conducted correctly and you could be looking at your case dismissed.

The lawyer will look to see which field tests were conducted and why, if photos or video was taken during the arrest, and how experienced the police office is at giving those tests.

Penalties for Driving Under the Influence
The penalties range from:
loss of license, points on your license, vehicle impounded, alcohol counseling, and even significant jail time.

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